Why MainStreetChamberTM

MainStreetChamberTM specializes in growing and empowering businesses and entrepreneurs. As a membership-based organization, people can connect with consumers, educate other business owners, and give their company the exposure it needs to succeed.

The MSC Membership is built on three primary pillars:


Not only is our lifetime membership free, but we also provide you access to exclusive business deals, services, and discounts that you won't find anywhere else.


Leverage networking and marketing opportunities to create new revenue for your company. Build your book of business by working closely with other members.


Support local businesses and charities, attend hosted events in your community, or even become an MSC chapter president to get the most out of your membership.

Save Money

MSC members can provide save money on everyday expenses. Our multi-tiered membership plans are designed to meet your business’s needs and increase revenue. Take advantage of exclusive member discounts and bonuses when you refer MSC to other entrepreneurs or small business owners.

Ways you can save money with our free chamber of commerce membership:

Exclusive member financing

Merchant services


Employee Referrals

Whole goods and products

Make Money

When you become a member of MainStreetChamberTM, you’re instantly connected to a network of other businesses who can help you make money. Promote your business on our secure member portal to local partners, vendors, consumers, and other members who may be interested in working with you.

With increased visibility comes increased sales — with a membership to MSC, you’ll have access to:

Lead generation and customer acquisition opportunities via our digital marketing partners

Branding and awareness resources to help your business stand out among the competition

Delivery and logistics solutions to streamline operations

Get Involved

Networking events and social gatherings are arguably the best ways to put your business out there. By joining MSC, you’ll become a part of a growing community of consumers, licensed professionals, and other entrepreneurs, all with shared goals of scaling their businesses. Access exclusive events to expand your business, or even pave the future by leading your own chapter as a chapter president.

Become a recognizable face and name in your community and get involved so you can:

Build your business through authentic relationships instead of transactional deals

Help other entrepreneurs and small business owners overcome challenges

Find personal revenue-generating opportunities as a chapter president through our preferred business partners

Claim Your Free Membership

Build credibility for your business by framing and displaying your customized membership certificate. Customers, business partners, and vendors will value your involvement with the chamber and be motivated to work with you.

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