Our Story

Every business owner would agree that one of the most difficult parts of running a small business is growing and expanding. For many entrepreneurs, access to resources, connections, and authentic relationship building often remain elusive. That’s why the MainStreetChamberTM was founded — to provide entrepreneurs with those vital elements in order to help them succeed.

MainStreetChamberTM offers a free membership program committed to helping small businesses grow and thrive by emphasizing quality relationships that open up pathways for strategic networking opportunities. According to our founders — all entrepreneurs themselves — this new and improved membership program provides access to the community and resources needed for small business owners across the nation to make their dreams come true.

The new and improved MainStreetChamberTM now offers a free membership program designed to get as many small business owners across the nation involved in helping each other grow and flourish, and it all starts with you!

MSC’s mission is to create a tight-knit community that enables entrepreneurs and small business owners to access whatever they need to achieve their goals. Join us today and become part of something bigger!

Meet the MSC Executive Team

Larry Kozin


John Bellave

Director of National Expansion

Jason Sampson

President & CEO

Allen Watson

President of Corporate and Community Engagement

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